Visitor’s browser will make separate HTTP requests to fetch elegent.css, custom.css, pygments.css, admonition.css and tipuesearch.css. These separate requests can be avoided using Pelican plugin assets.

Install the required packages

pip install webassets cssmin

Then enable assets plugin in your configuration.

PLUGINS = ['assets']

This minor fix will improve the load speed of your website. All style sheets will be merged and minified into one style sheet, style.min.css.

Compact CSS will save many bytes of data which in turn will improve page speed and parse time.

Hacking Elegant Source Code

If you add a new CSS file to the theme while developing the Elegant theme, you will need to add it to the list of files that are automatically minified.

Find the file templates/_includes/minify_css.html. You will need to add your new CSS file to Line 1, before css/custom.css.

We recommend you add custom CSS to custom.css for personal use. If you add to custom.css you will not need to modify the minify_css.html file.

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