Unlike a number of themes that exist for Pelican, the Elegant theme is currently under active development. The immediate benefit of this for you is that Elegant supports recent technologies/services such as Utterances for comments and the Applause button for quick and simple user feedback. The other main benefits are that any requests, be they bug reports or feature requests, are logged in the project’s Issues database.

These issues are actively going through triage, being worked on by the Elegant community, and being addressed in ongoing releases of Elegant. In addition, the roadmap let’s you see what the Elegant team is working on, allowing you to decide if you want to contribute and help bring some feature of the theme to life!

To give you the control to decide whether to update your website and benefit from the latest version of Elegant, we offer two automated ways to find out about new releases.

Subscribe to the email Newsletter

Each of the article pages on this Elegant documentation website contain a section at the bottom of the right sidebar titled Get New Release Alert. By entering your email address in the box below and clicking on the Notify Me button, you are signing up for our newsletter. This simple newsletter uses Elegant’s support for MailChimp, and is only used to notify people when there are new version of Elegant available.

Subscribe to the RSS feed for the Documentation Site

If you have any reservations about actively subscribing to a newsletter through a mailing list, you can passively subscribe to receive updates notices for Elegant by subscribing to the RSS feed for this website using your browser. By selecting the RSS Feed icon under Stay In Touch, your browser will handle the information according to any plugins present in your browser. Once this link is visible, simply copy it into your favorite RSS reader and you will be notified by that RSS reader when there is a new release.

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