No blog is complete without a social sharing plugin, that invites visitors to share your post on popular social networks.

There are plethora of social sharing widgets available online. Unfortunately most of these widgets are used to track users. Technology watchdogs have been raising a hue and cry since as early as 2009.

Developers have come up with different ways to cope this issue. Solutions ranging from browser plugins to totally reinventing share widgets.

Obviously, you cannot expect that all your visitors to use a privacy plugin. Most browsers on mobile platforms do not let user install any sort of plugin.

Reinventing social widget will require educating users about it. The new style will be alien to them and may result in a decrease in number of shares on social networks.

Elegant has a far simpler solution. It uses Pelican’s Share Post plugin. This plugin generates old school URLs that cannot be used for online tracking at all.

Elegant supports it out of the box. You just have to enable it in your Pelican configuration,

PLUGINS = ['share_post']

And viola!

Share Post plugin in Elegant

Like rest of the Elegant you can customize this widget too.

You can define SHARE_POST_INTRO in your Pelican configuration to override the default “Share on:” text.

You can also define it on per article basis by defining share_post_intro in your article metadata.

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