5.0.0 (2019-12-02)

Bug Fixes

  • css: linter warning (a5f5c81)
  • page: social profiles appear in the sidebar (c17077c), closes #534
  • social: reduce icon size in the sidebar (4e0dc41), closes #490
  • typography: adjust heading sizes and set small font-style to italic (d3bbf04)
  • typography: remove border from headings in archive page (817bea8)


  • blockquote: improve blockquote look (068d50a)
  • border: change border radius of tags and code blocks to match rest of the theme (5d0285f), closes #521
  • border: have consistent border radius (7307467), closes #521
  • code-block: minor refine code-block style (2ba2232)
  • css: use PostCSS for processing CSS files (2b88865), closes #354
  • links: add new style and improve existing style for hyperlinks (87fd3d3), closes #533 #519
  • permalink: improve permalink look (8059ca8)
  • security: use rel=”noopener noreferrer” with all target=”_blank” (4c843e9)
  • typography: code inside heading is consistently 80% of the size (7180b49), closes #508
  • typography: headings sizes and other properties are consistent (afa99ab), closes #508 #521
  • typography: use darker color for article heading and increase border size (1922075)


  • links: Style of muted links have been changed slightly. It is still muted but has modern animation.

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