5.2.0 (2020-02-03)

Bug Fixes

  • regression introduced due to cache busting (b953a38)
  • archives: at smaller screen layout does not make the best use of available space (a289e9d)
  • syntax: code blocks with line numbers do not have the correct border radius (3a34a3e)
  • syntax: improve the font size and height of download button (07595b3)
  • typography: fix font size and style of TOC (2d597ab), closes #509
  • Categories and Tags pages do not have space below the header (d78f4e5)
  • remove invalid CSS rule (368cb2c)
  • use consistent color for border (c85b7b8)
  • use darker color for the site name (19f37ca)
  • article: use loclate_date attribute instead of hardcoding the date format (1da552c), closes #552
  • bootstrap: WIP. add Bootstrapv2.3.2 sources file to the project (43ee8eb), closes #429
  • seo: regression introduced in PR #556 (28bcb85), closes #505
  • typography: about me and my projects heading is not on one line (6a7989c)
  • typography: font size of superscript number in categories and tags page (d0a7162)
  • typography: override Bootstrap base font (f6a83a6), closes #429
  • typography: top menu bar does not have correct height (d30ce82)
  • typography: use consistent font and color for project list (477a467)
  • typography: use consistent font in the footer (eeb0e30)


  • add support cache busting (cde0dc5)
  • categories: change background color of uncollapsed Category (6cc11b8)
  • gallery: add support for PhotoSwipe image gallery using raw HTML (ad1bcea), closes #567
  • js: combine and minify all JS files into one to improve load speed (f5047d4)
  • search: improve search results page look (73fa743), closes #573 #275
  • search: replace tipue_search with lunr.js (9d60af1), closes #275
  • SEO: Add header and documentation for Claiming Website on Yandex (2bb691d)
  • SEO: add SEO and SMO meta keywords in site’s home page (c5be0eb)
  • sharing: Enable customizing the sharing links (f3e262f)
  • syntax: add copy to clipboard button for every code snippet (6f73317), closes #574 #525
  • syntax: add support for highlighting lines in code snippets (ba2de8c), closes #520
  • syntax: add support for liquid_tags.include_code plugin (0550a3a), closes #518
  • syntax: use Gruvbox syntax highlighting theme (0b50ab1)
  • typography: use consistent fonts (8b7a8bd), closes #429
  • typography: use consistent style for timestamps in tags, categories and archives pages (a421dcd)
  • typography: use dns-prefetch and preconnect to improve font load time (e4bd582)
  • typography: use responsive fonts (39acdbf)

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