4.0.0 (2019-08-22)

Bug Fixes

  • admonition: an artifact in border behind the title (88113c3)
  • admonition: reduce border radius to match radii of other components (de08d20), closes #490
  • admonition: remove box shadow (d059db8), closes #490
  • admonition: remove text-shadow from heading (1c889da), closes #490
  • clean URL: default URL of categories, tags and archives fails on some servers (3c7df6a), closes #280 #276
  • comments: W3C validation errors (76a1f26)
  • disqus: remove SITEURL condition to show Disqus comments section (753d5a5)
  • Lang: do not override default value of DEFAULT_LANG set by Pelican (d6c60c2)
  • social: reduce icon sizes in the sidebar (c769ba3)
  • social: use nofollow for social links in the sidebar (50cff87)
  • social: W3C validation error (ec4521e)
  • table: reduce border radius to match radii of other components (7eaaa96)
  • w3c validation: remove incorrect usage of article tag (e8231e0), closes #251
  • w3c validation: remove obsolete charset attribute (8deb285), closes #251
  • w3c validation: remove redundant article tag (d07c27e), closes #251
  • w3c validation: remove redundant sections without heading (df9221f), closes #251
  • w3c validation: remove type and language attributes (b700224), closes #251
  • w3c validation: update CSS rules (0b78d46), closes #251


  • 404: auto fill search box with URL fragment that was not found (c0a7f47)
  • admonition: add box shadow (246f826)
  • admonition: border color should match the title color (1adadbe)
  • admonition: increase contrast of title (7fb82cc)
  • admonition: use svg image instead of font-awesome icon (e7c4029), closes #487
  • clean url: support clean URL for search page (088791e)
  • comments: add support for utterances comment system (a2151cc), closes #288
  • quotes: improve style and remove font-awesome for quote icon (9ef3ac8), closes #487
  • social: add icons for 7 more websites (8dcf8fa), closes #494
  • social: use svg icons instead of font-awesome (19f458b)
  • table: add style rule to make tables pop out (6a8500b), closes #440

Performance Improvements

  • admonition: add attributes to svg images (a740a60)
  • requests: remove font awesome (7c20145), closes #487


  • requests: We have removed font awesome. Now we use svg images for all icons. This will result in one less web request, which in turn will improve your websites performance.
  • social: Style customization and configuration of social icons in the sidebar has changed. New icons have better colors and bigger sizes.
  • clean URL: To enable clean URLs for tags, categories and archives, first configure your server to support clean URLs. Then set TAGS_URL, CATEGORIES_URL and ARCHIVES_URL to "tags", "categories" and "archives" respectively.

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