3.1.0 (2019-07-14)


  • article: make article subtitle italic (7ca7331), closes #284
  • authors: add line above authors section (35a35b0)
  • authors: add support for avatar (cc92230), closes #362
  • authors: make authors URL nofollow (07bf415)
  • authors: move authors below share links section (b81555a)
  • authors: open author url in a new window (f97b47a)
  • Chinese: add better font support for Chinese language (2711aa0), closes #134
  • modified: show Last Updated only if the difference between created and modified is more than a day (b0eac79)
  • monetization: add BestAzon support (6d8a23c)

Bug Fixes

  • article: fix regression introduced in 7ca7331c0 (2c23961)
  • authors: title attribute was not closed in quotes (de1d05b)
  • gist: embedded Github gist are not laid out correctly (0416433), closes #123
  • reST: indents in line blocks is not preserved (e1429c5), closes #144

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