We focused on making changes in the footer of the site. This release is our first step towards using modern CSS properties like flexbox and grid for layout.

We have also automated the release process. This is the first of many release that is published by the release bot.

2.4.0 (2019-06-30)


  • footer: make external links Nofollow (137a02a)
  • footer: move site subtitle to the center (b5baa11)
  • footer: open exit links in new tab (8fd9f28)
  • footer: optionally show the host information (9de2dab)
  • footer: powered by message is always aligned to the right (5e47b7c)
  • footer: remove fixed height by using flexbox for sticky footer (d9d84e1)
  • footer: use flexbox instead of list for items in the footer (bef7db9)
  • onelink: add Amazon Affiliate Disclosure (cbfa6ac)

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