Multi parts is a useful plugin that lets you write “multi-part” articles.

To mark articles that belong to the same series, define parts metadata.

:parts: iCloud 101 Series

Elegant shows the multi-part series in the sidebar.

multi-part example in the

Articles are sorted by their date in ascending order. The oldest article is considered “Part 1” and so on.

The currently opened article is displayed in italics. In the above example, “Part 2” is opened in the browser tab.

Title attribute of HTML anchor tag <a> is set for each “Part” to its article title; it is displayed when user hovers over the link.

multi-part example with title of the

As all other features, Elegant has some tricks up its sleeve.

Series Title

By default Elegant uses value of parts as the title of the series. You can define series title for your multi-part articles series. Define series_title in your articles metadata, like,

:parts: iCloud 101 Series
:series_title: iCloud for Dummies

And this will give you,

multi-part example with custom series title

You have to make sure series_title metadata is set for every article in the series.

You can also define SERIES_TITLE in your Pelican configuration to set a default value for multi_part widget label.

Elegant first looks for SERIES_TITLE in configuration, then series_title in the article metadata, then parts metadata which it uses as the last resort.

I recommend you to let Elegant use parts instead of series_title and SERIES_TITLE.

With series_title you will have to deal with the hassle of making sure all articles in the series have it, which you are already doing for parts. So why double the hassle?

With SERIES_TITLE you won’t be able to have custom titles for the series’.

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