The multi-part plugin has been deprecated in favor of the series plugin. For an up-to-date article on using the series plugin, go here.

When writing articles about certain topics, it is advantageous to split a single article into multiple articles. Without splitting the article up, the author would be forced to cram all of the content into a denser and much longer article, reducing its effectiveness and readability in the process. Splitting the article allows the author to focus on a specific concept of the larger article, thereby increasing the overall appearance and readability.

Elegant provides the ability to present a view of the articles in the series in the middle of the right sidebar. This section starts with the name of the series, followed by one bullet point for each of the articles in the series. The text for the article is prefaced with “Part N: ” (where N is the index of the article) and then the title for the article. To make navigation easier, the current article is presented in italics, with the other articles being presented as links to their respective articles.

Here is an example of what the Series section may look like:

series example in the sidebar


To enable the reading time for your articles, you need to add multi-part to the PLUGINS configuration variable in your Pelican configuration.

PLUGINS = ['multi-part']

In addition, the SERIES_TITLE configuration variable can be set to specify the title used for the Series section, regardless of the series.

SERIES_TITLE = "More In This Series"

Article Metadata

Once the configuration for Series is enabled in the configuration file, using this feature for a given set of articles requires that the article contains the series metadata field value.

The text assigned to the series metadata field is the title of the series. When the page is created, Pelican provides Elegant with a list of all pages that have the same value for the series metadata field. By default, Elegant sorts that list according to the publish date for each article. The titles for those pages is then displayed in sorted order, with the current page presented in italics and the other pages presented as a link to those pages.

series: Maximizing Elegant
series_index: 2

If there is a reason to override the ordering of the articles, the series_index metadata field is required. It is recommended that you use the part number you want displayed for the article as the value to assign to the field.

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