When reading a series of articles on a website, a reader often desires to view the articles in chronological order by publish date.

Elegant provides the ability to provide navigation links to the previous and next articles at the bottom of each article. These links provide a powerful way to keep visitors engaged and guide them through your site.

Here is an example of what the Previous and Next Articles section may look like:

Show next and previous articles


To enable the Previous and Next Article links for your articles, add neighbors to the PLUGINS configuration variable in your Pelican configuration.

PLUGINS = ['neighbors']

When enabled, Elegant will show the links for Previous and Next articles at the very bottom of every article, after any footnotes for the article, but before the footer for the website. The link for the next oldest or Previous article is displayed on the left side and the next youngest or Next article on the right side, being consistent with most languages being Left-to-Right language. If there is no article that is newer or older than the current article, the respective link will not be shown.

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