Adding Author Blurbs

At the end of each article, you can provide a small blurb about the author. This can be done by setting up the AUTHORS dictionary in your configuration file.

    "Talha Mansoor": {
        "url": "",
        "blurb": "is the creator and lead developer of Elegant theme.",
        "avatar": "/images/avatars/talha131.png",
    "Pablo Iranzo Gómez": {
        "url": "",
        "blurb": " opensource enthusiast and Lego fan doing some python simple programs like @redken_bot in telegram, etc",

Key of every entry in AUTHORS dictionary is the author name, for example “Pablo Iranzo Gómez”.

The value of each key is a dictionary which has three keys.

  1. url (string) URL that could be link to author’s homepage or profile
  2. blurb (string) brief introduction of author
  3. avatar (string) URL to author’s avatar. You could link to an image on your site or to an image on Gravatar, Imgur or any other image host service

Add an entry for each author you’d like a blurb to appear for.

These blurbs will appear for each known author, as defined in the AUTHORS dictionary. If an unknown author appears, they will not receive a blurb.

The article author is determined by the provided metadata in your content file. Valid values are:

  • author: - This defines the single author of the article.
  • authors: - This is a comma separated list of all article authors. Each known author will get a blurb. Each unknown author will not get a blurb.
  • Default author defined in your configuration file. If either of the two metadata above are not used, the default author you configured will be utilized. This author still requires an entry in the AUTHORS dictionary.

Note: If you define multiple authors, but use the author: metadata, a blurb will not be generated. This metadata is for a single author. The correct way to declare more than one author is to use authors:.

This is an example of multiple authors using the following metadata value:

authors: Talha Mansoor, Milton Bradley

Author Blurb

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