For submitting a website and sitemap to Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster tools or Yandex Webmaster we’ve to consider some steps.

One of those steps is to claim the website ownership.

Several approaches are available:

  • Create a specific file on the root folder of the website
  • Use a DNS Record
  • Insert a <meta> TAG in pages to claim it.

Usually both DNS record or uploading files make things more complicated (require DNS setup, or configure pelican to upload static file to path, etc).

Pelican-Elegant has simplified this by including support for the <meta> TAG being inserted if the values are defined in pelicanconf.

Use the following variables to insert the relevant <meta> in the document headers:


Each one of those should be filled according to the values provided by Google/Bing on their respective websites for webmasters:

Once configured and when site is regenerated, the header should be there.

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