Elegant has three styles for hyperlinks that you can use.

Muted Style

This is the default style of link.

Example Link - Use Firefox Browser to support open web standards.

This style is very suitable for long-form articles. To read the rationale behind this choice, read our help article Why Does Elegant Look The Way It Does?.

Amplified Style

We understand not all links should be muted. Some links require attention.

Example Link - Use Firefox Browser to support open web standards.

To use this style, you need to enable Markdown attribute list extension.

# Plugins and extensions
    "extension_configs": {
        "markdown.extensions.extra": {},
        "markdown.extensions.meta": {},

Then use this style using ampl class.

[Example Link](https://www.mozilla.org/){: class="ampl"} blah blah

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Talha Mansoor Avatar Talha Mansoor is the creator and lead developer of Elegant theme.

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