Elegant community held a discussion to decide a Logo for the project. We settled on following icon from Pelican by Smalllike from the Noun Project .

Created by Smalllikefrom the Noun Project

Building on top of it, some modifications were made to it using Inkscape .

The we cleaned it using svgo tool. It reduced file size by around 50%.

$ svgo -i elegant_logo.svg --pretty

Done in 80 ms!
8.029 KiB - 52.5% = 3.815 KiB

Then, we converted SVG to PNG using svgexport .

$ svgexport elegant_logo.svg elegant_logo.png 100%

The resultant file was around 1MB is size. So we optimized it using ImageOptim , which reduced the file size by 98%.

Your can download the files from our Git repository.


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Talha Mansoor Avatar Talha Mansoor is the creator and lead developer of Elegant theme.


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